Electric Discharge

Shooting Weapon. Range 18", Strength (D6*2), Multiple Shots (3), Multiple Wounds (D3), Lightning Attacks, Magical Attacks, Reload!

During each friendly shooting phase, the Dreadmill must shoot its Electric Discharge (all three shots). The Rakachit Technician can try to prevent it from shooting by taking and passing a Leadership Test. The Dreadmill can shot even if it is Engaged in Combat, is Fleeing or have Rallied in this Player Turn. It must always choose the closest unit as its target (Friend or Foe, the controlling player may choose if several units are equally close) even if it is outside of its Front Arc and/or outside Line of Sight, and even if the target is Engaged in Combat. Each of the three shots are resolved one at a time (measure which unit is the closest, and therefore the target, before resolving each shot).

Electric Discharge shots hit automatically, roll to determine Strength once for all shots in the same phase. If a natural ‘6’ is rolled for Strength the Dreadmill has misfired and must roll on the Volatile Table. However, if the Misfire occurs when the Dreadmill is Engaged in Combat, apply the Malfunction result instead of rolling on the table.