Impact Hits (3D3)

Impact Hits are Special Close Combat Attacks which can ( and must) only be made in the first Round of Combat after a model with this rule successfully charged into combat. Impact Hits are resolved at Initiative 10 and inflict a number of hits equal to the value stated within brackets (X) to a single enemy unit in base contact, which must be the charged enemy unit. Impact Hits automatically hit and have a Strength value equal to the model's own Strength, with +1
Strength for every Full Rank after the first in the unit, provided that those ranks are comprised entirely of models with the Impact Hits special rule. Due to being Special Attacks, Impact Hits do not benefit from weapon bonuses or special rules. I f a model has both Grinding Attacks and Impact Hits, it may only use one of these rule in the same Combat Round (you may choose which). If the value within brackets is preceded by a ‘+’ sign, add the value to the already existing Impact Hits instead (if the model already had Impact Hits). If not, use the value directly.
In Chariots, only a Chariot itself can use this Special Attack. In the other multipart models only the mounts can use it.