Underground Ambush

A unit with this rule follows the rules for Ambush with the following exception: instead of entering the Battlefield from a table edge, the unit enters the board from a location called the Underground Point.
To designate an Underground Point, the owning player selects any point on the Battlefield more than 3" away from enemy units and more than 1/2" away from Impassable Terrain. Roll aD6.On a result of 5+,the point stays where itis.
On any other result, move the point 2D6" in a random direction.
- If the Underground Point is located beneath an enemy unit, place the Ambushing unitin base contact with this enemy’s front facing instead (maximizing contact as normal). The arriving unit counts as having successfully charged, with no charge reaction allowed.
- Otherwise, the Underground Ambush unit is placed with the front of its first rank or back of its rear rank touching the Underground Point.
- If it is not possible to place the Ambushing unit for whatever reason,the Ambush is failed and the player must roll for Ambush again next turn.