Ancient Grudge

Dwarven Holds armies have a number of Ancient Grudges which confer certain bonuses when attacking specific enemies. The total number of Grudges held by a Dwarven Holds army is calculated in the following manner:

- One Grudge​ for each Dwarf King in the army.
- D3 Additional Grudges ​for each Dwarf King mounted on a War Throne.
- One Additional Grudge​ when facing opponents who field units from the Orcs and Goblins or The Vermin Swarm Armybooks.

For each Grudge held by a Dwarven Holds army,the player may choose one enemy model or unitto be the target ofthe Grudge;this choice is made after theDeployment Phase, and no enemy model or unit may be chosen more than once.All models in the Dwarven Holds army gain Hatred against a begrudged enemy.

When an enemy unit is begrudged, any model which joins that unit also becomes subjectto the Grudge for as long as it remains a part of the unit. However, if a single model is begrudged and joins a unit, the entire unit does not become subject to the Grudge. Characters (that are notthemselves the target of a Grudge)that have left a begrudged unit are no longer considered begrudged.