The Dark Gods Are Watching

This model grants Hard Target to all friendly units without Towering Presence within 6". The Battle Shrine gains an additional benefit depending on its Mark:

True Chaos Bound Spell (Power Level 5): Break the Spirit from the Shamanism.
Change Bound Spell (Power Level 5): Fate’s Judgment from Divination.
Lust Bound Spell (Power Level 5): Spectral Blades from Evocation.
Pestilence Bound Spell (Power Level 5): Ancestral Aid from Evocation.
Wrath The model grants Magic Resistance (2) to all friendly units within 6" where more than half of their models have the Mark of True Chaos or the Mark of Wrath.

If the Battle Shrine gains an Augment spell it may only target units where more than half of the models have the same Mark as the Battle Shrine or the Mark of True Chaos.