A Character with Orders may give a single order to a Parent or Support Unit within 8". A General with Orders may instead give a single order to a friendly Parent or Support Unit within the range of its Commanding Presence.
Orders are given at the start of each friendly Player Turn, and their effects last until the end of the next Player Turn. A unit cannot receive the same Order more than once during the same Player turn. Only models of Standard Size are affected.

The available orders are listed below:
- On the Double: The target gains +1 Advance Rate and +4 March Rate.
- Steady Men: The target must roll an additional D6 when taking Discipline Tests and discard the highest D6 rolled. A unit that receives this Order and passes a Rally Test doesn't become Shaken, and the Reform that is made after Rallying doesn't prevent the - unit from moving and/or shooting (but it still counts as having moved for shooting purposes).
- Ready Aim Fire: The target gains Accurate.
- Brace for impact: The target gains Fight in Extra Rank