Engine of the Ancients

0-1 Choice per Army
The model gains Telepathic Link.
All friendly units within 6" of the Engine of the Ancients gain Aegis (5+, against Ranged Attacks). At the beginning of each friendly Player Turn, you may choose to replace Aegis with one of the following effects until the start of the next friendly Player Turn:
• Choose a Path of Magic. The Casting Values of spells from this Path cast by friendly Wizards are reduced by 1. A natural roll of ‘1’ or ‘2’ for Casting Attempts of spells of the chosen Path with a single Magic Dice from friendly models is always a failed Casting Attempt, regardless of any modifiers.
• During the owner’s Shooting Phase, choose an enemy unit that is not Engaged in Combat and within 9″ of the Engine of the Ancients. That unit suffers D3 hits with Flaming Attacks and Armour Penetration 10 that always wound on a roll equal to or greater than "7 minus the target's Armour. A natural '6' always wounds and a natural '1' always fails to wound. This is considered a Special Attack.