Models with Ricochet cannot Charge enemy units and can move through all units (friend and foe) as if they were Open Terrain. If its move is ended in contact with another unit, or within 1" of a unit that it has moved through, its move distance is extended; keep moving the model in the same direction (still moving through other units) until it can be placed 1" away from all other units. If, after an extended move, the model would end up within 1" of Impassable Terrain or in contact with the Board Edge, immediately remove the model as a casualty. If there is no legal position where it follows the Unit Spacing rule when backtracking the model's move (based on the rules for
Random Movement), immediately remove the model as a casualty.

If a unit's Unit Boundary is contacted by a Ricochet model’s initial move (i.e. excluding an extension of the move distance needed to clear units), this unit suffers X hits, where X corresponds to the value given in brackets (after completing the move). For this purpose, all units Engaged in the same Combat are treated as a single unit. The owner of the model with Ricochet distributes the hits between all units Engaged in this Combat as evenly as possible (after this follow the normal rules for distributing hits to models within each unit).

Enemy units cannot Charge models with Ricochet. Units (friend and foe) ignore models with Ricochet regarding the Unit Spacing rule for all movement (including Ambush). In addition, they can move onto and through models with Ricochet. However, if a unit moves into contact with a Ricochet model, it immediately (before completing the move) suffers X+D6 hits, and the model with Ricochet is removed as a casualty. This is not triggered by moves that can move through units normally (e.g. Flying Movement), unless the move is ended in contact (note that units can move into contact with multiple Ricochet models simultaneously).

Hits are resolved with the Strength and Armour Penetration of the model with Ricochet.

a) The Ricochet model cannot be placed 1" behind unit B, because unit A is too close. The model is thus moved through both units following its original direction. Only unit B suf ers the Ricochet hits as unit A is not within the initial Shambolic move.

b) After moving through units, the Ricochet model comes into contact with Impassable Terrain and is thus removed as a casualty. The Ricochet model moves through at least one unit Engaged in the Combat, inflicting 5 hits in total, which are distributed evenly amongst all units in the combat.