Dances of Cenyrn

Universal Rule.
At the start of each Round of Combat, units consisting entirely of models with this rule must choose one of the dances listed below and apply its effects until the end of the Round of Combat.

The unit cannot choose this dance again until after one of the following has happened:
• The unit is no longer Engaged in Combat.
• The unit has chosen a different dance.

Dance of Bedevilments:
Fear and enemy units in base contact with the model do not receive any Rank Bonus to their Combat Score.

Dance of Biting Wind:
+1 Armour Penetration and Lethal Strike.

Dance of the Parting Mists:
Aegis (3+), −1 Strength, and −1 Armour Penetration.

Dance of Whirling Blades:
+1 Attack Value.