Electric Discharge

Special Attack.
Model parts with this Special Attack can use it as 1. a Shooting Attack, and as 2. a Special Attack when Engaged in Combat.

- As a Shooting Attack: Choose a target using the normal rules for Shooting Attacks. The Shooting Attack has Range 18”, Shots 3, Reload!, Accurate, Quick to Fire, and Aim (4+).

- As a Special Attack in Close Combat: The Melee Attack is made at the model part's Initiative Step. Choose a single enemy in base contact and roll three D6 (these rolls are not considered to-hit rolls). For each roll of 3+ the target suffers a hit from the Electric Discharge.

Hits from Electric Discharge are resolved with Strength 5, Armour Penetration 10, Multiple Wounds (D3), Lightning Attacks, and Magical Attacks.

Before using the Electric Discharge, the Dreadmill may be supercharged. If supercharged, the attacks from the Electric Discharge are set to Strength 6 and their Range is set to 12” for the duration of the phase. After the Ele