Universal Rule.
A Mad Git is not deployed. Instead it is said to be concealed inside the unit that purchased it. It is a unit upgrade, and as such is ignored when calculating Victory Points (its points are already included in the Goblin unit concealing it, and Victory Points are awarded for destroying the unit concealing it). Until released and moved out of its unit, a Mad Git cannot be harmed or otherwise affected, or affect the game in any way. When a Mad Git is removed as a casualty, it does not cause Panic Tests. It still moves, acts, and is influenced by all rules independently like a normal unit (once released) and does not count towards the model count of the unit concealing it.

Mad Gits can be released in two ways:
- Mad Gits may be released when their unit is declaring a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction with a Shooting Weapon (the unit still shoots as normal). If the unit does not have any Shooting Weapons, it may declare a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction with Mad Gits. If so, all Mad Gits in the unit must be released.​ This is not considered a Shooting Attack.
- At the start of owning player's Shooting Phase, if a unit with one or more concealed Mad Gits is not Engaged in Combat, not Fleeing, and is within 8" of an enemy unit, it must immediately release all its Mad Gits.
Resolve released Mad Gits one at a time. Place the released Mad Git just outside of base contact with the concealing unit and choose a direction to move the Mad Git in (ignore the Mad Git's Running Amok!!). This cannot be a direction that can potentially bring the released Mad Git into contact with its concealing unit. When releasing it move it using the Shambolic rules in the chosen direction. During this move, rolling the same result does not cause the Mad Git to lose D3 Health Points or move in a random direction.