Support Unit

A unit is considered a Support Unit if at least half of its models have this Universal Rule. Support Units are treated as Insignificant by Parent Units.
Support Units within 6" of at least one Parent Unit gain Fight in Extra Rank and may use Shooting Attacks from the 3rd rank (in addition to the 1st and 2nd). If the Support Unit has at least one Full Rank, it counts as having the same number of Full Ranks as a Parent Unit within 6" for the purpose of being Steadfast.
During the opponent's Charge Phase, Support Units may perform one of the following actions:
1. Immediately after a Parent Unit within 6" voluntarily chooses a Charge Reaction, the Support Unit may Stand and Shoot as if the enemy had Declared a Charge against them in their current position (apply the normal rules for the Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction).
2. Immediately after all enemy units have completed their Charge Moves, Support Units within 6" of any Parent Unit that was successfully charged in this Phase may counter charge. To do so, choose one enemy unit that successfully charged the Parent Unit and Declare a Charge with the Support Unit. Apply all of the usual rules for charging for this out-of-sequence charge (such as Line of Sight, Front Arc, must roll Charge Range, max one Wheel, etc.). When calculating Combat Scores in the following Melee Phase, combine the Rank Bonus of both the Parent Unit and up to one Support Unit that performed a successful counter charge (following all normal restrictions), up to a maximum of +6.