Effigy of Dread

Universal Rule.
The model gains Channel (3), Fear, Fearless, Unbreakable, Blades of Darag, and its Health Points are set to 6. The model cannot declare any Charges nor perform Pursuit Moves, and its Advance Rate and March Rate. are always 0″, i.e. the model cannot perform any Advance Moves, March Moves, Magical Moves, nor Random Movement.
In addition, friendly units within 18″ of the model gain Fear. Enemy units within 18″ of the model cannot benefit from Rally Around the Flag for Fear Tests.
At the end of each friendly Magic Phase, the owner may discard up to 2 Veil Tokens from their Veil Token pool to increase the range of Effigy of Dread by +3″ for each discarded Veil Token. The effect lasts until the start of the next friendly Magic Phase.