Breath Weapon (Strength 4 Flaming Attacks)

Models parts with this special rule can use it only once during the game. If a model has more than one breath Weapon, it can only use one breath weapon in a single phase. It can be used either as a Special Shooting Attack or as a Special Close Combat Attack.
● As a Special Shooting Attack (normally in the Shooting Phase): Choose a target using the normal rules for Shooting Attacks. The attack has a Range of 6”. This attack can be used even if the model Marched previously in this turn, as well as for a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction.
● As a Special Close Combat Attack (normally in the Close Combat Phase): The attack is made at the model part's Initiative. Declare that you are using the Breath Weapon when allocating attacks, and choose a unit in base contact to attack with it.
No matter if it is used as a Shooting or Close Combat Attack, a Breath Weapon causes 2D6 automatic hits on its target.
The Strength and the special rules (if any) of these hits are givenwithin brackets, such as “Breath Weapon (Strength 4, Flaming Attacks)”.