Universal Rule.
At the end of each friendly Magic Phase, each Hellmaw may do one of the following:
• Open a Gateway: Mark a single point on the Battlefield with a Gateway Marker. This point must be within Line of Sight and 24″ of the Hellmaw, and more than 6″ away from enemy units. There can never be more than 4 friendly Gateway Markers on the Battlefield (including Ominous Gateways).
• Close a Gateway: Choose a friendly Gateway Marker with its centre within Line of Sight and 24″ of the Hellmaw. All units within 6″ of the centre of the marker suffer D6 hits with Toxic Attacks and Magical Attacks. Then remove the marker. If all friendly Hellmaws have been removed as casualties, immediately close all friendly Gateways as described above.

A friendly unit may choose to enter the Gateway if all the following conditions are met:
• The unit does not contain any Gigantic models.
• The unit is in contact with the centre of a friendly Gateway Marker.
• All models in the unit just performed an Advance or March Move and no other model has moved since.

Remove the unit from the Battlefield. The unit:
1. Is then placed back on the Battlefield within 3″ of the centre of any other friendly Gateway Marker. No model can end up with its centre farther away than its March Rate from the centre of the chosen marker.
2. Must have the same formation, but may face any direction.
3. Must follow the Unit Spacing rule.
4. Suffers D6 + X hits with Toxic Attacks and Magical Attacks, distributed by the owner, where X is equal to the number of ranks in the unit. Hits distributed onto models with Hell-Forged Armour or Supernal automatically fail to wound.
5. Loses Scoring until its next Player Turn.

Only a single unit may exit the same Gateway Marker in each Player Turn